101 in 1001

I am keeping a list of 101 things I’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.

It’s like a bucket list and 2.75 year plan in one accountable place. And a way to dream big and keep progressing forward. Thanks goes out to Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling for the wonderful concept and the inspiration to achieve my goals! Let’s go!

101 things in 1001 days

Starts 23rd January 2014   —   Ends 19th October 2016

{60 complete, 41 to go!}

Personal/Just Because {15/28}

1. Write 101 things. (January 2014)

2. Tweet Mackenzie Horan about my 101 in 1001 list. (January 2014)

3. Create a gallery wall in my bedroom.

4. Purchase the complete box set of Friends. (At the perfect time too! August, 2015)

5. Plan an exciting celebration for my 21st birthday! (Photos! June, 2014)

6. Purchase my favourite Audrey dress to wear for my 21st birthday. (Sort of… read about it here! June, 2014)

7. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

8. Make my first Tiffany’s purchase in NYC. (After a lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s to begin with! December, 2014)

9. Make my first Kate Spade purchase in NYC. (December, 2014)

10. Watch all of Audrey Hepburn’s films.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) ✔  Roman Holiday (1953) ✔  Sabrina (1954) ✔  Paris When It Sizzles (1964) ✔  My Fair Lady (1964) ✔  Charade (1963) ✔  Wait Until Dark (1967) ✔

11. Watch all of Marilyn Monroe’s films.

How To Marry a Millionaire (1953) ✔ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) ✔

12. Go to a music festival. (January, 2016 – HONK Festival Wollongong)

13. Make an awesome Op-Shop (thrift shop) find. (October, 2014 – gorgeous vintage sunnies)

14. Host a three-course dinner party. (November, 2015 – cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for my Aussie family to experience!)

15. Do a Pin Up photoshoot.

16. Take a professional make up class.

17. Watch the entire series of Will & Grace. (4/8 Seasons so far)

18. Watch the entire series of Seinfeld.

19. Get my full drivers licence. (February 2014)

20. Purchase a curling iron and master the “relaxed curled” hairstyle. (August, 2014/October, 2014)

21. Master the cat eye makeup look.

22. Compete at Champion Girl for physie again.

23. Compete in a physie team again.

24. Complete the ‘100 Things Challenge’

25. Bake macarons from scratch.

26. See a movie outside. (January, 2016 – Oddball at the Sunset Cinema Wollongong)

27. Try a Bloody Mary cocktail. (King Cole Bar at the St. Regis in NYC! December, 2014)

28. Find my signature cocktail. (French Martini… definitely! December, 2014)

Health & Wellbeing {3/11}

29. Read ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.

30. Read three fiction novels. 

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone  – May, 2014

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets – July, 2014

Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban – December, 2014

31. Read one classic novel.

32. Return my weight to 65kgs.

33. Do a full shoulder stand in yoga.

34. Complete two 5K runs for charity. (October, 2014)

35. Unplug for one full day (24 hours – no internet, iPhone, television, computer etc.).

36. Go one month without chocolate. (March, 2014)

37. Go two months without soft drink. (March, 2014)

38. Take a surfing lesson.

39. Spend time at the beach in a bikini and not feel self conscious. (January, 2016 – I learnt that it comes down to the people you go with…)

University {6/9}

40. Maintain my distinction average. (July, 2016)

41. Study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a semester. (Jul-Dec, 2014)

42. Complete my UNC Bucket List. (Dec, 2014 – I did pretty well! See here.)

43. Join and commit to one university club or society. (August, 2015 – Joining the Australian Youth Climate Coalition was the best decision I have ever made!)

44. Volunteer for the UniCrew.

45. Become an AIME Mentor. (2015)

46. Participate in an Australian youth initiative with the United Nations.

47. Go to a Networking After 5 event.

48. Graduate university with distinction. (July 2016 – I have officially finished, certificates and all… my ceremony won’t be till November though so stay tuned for photos)

Career {4/8}

49. Complete one semester long internship.

50. Make a video resume

51. Get a job or traineeship that will benefit my future career. (ANSTO – May to July, 2014)

52. Design and create a logo for my business.

53. Design and purchase personal business cards. (February, 2015 – Take a look!)

54. Design and create a logo & banner for my blog and YouTube channel. (June, 2014)

55. Create a Facebook page to connect with my blog. (June, 2014)

56. Write 80+ posts on my blog by 19th October 2016.

Organisation {6/7}

57. Install update on my iPhone. (February, 2014)

58. Clean out and delete my Hotmail account. (January, 2015)

59. Upgrade my MacBook Pro. (August, 2016 – I couldn’t put it off any longer)

60. Organise and archive schoolwork on my computers. (July, 2014)

61. Organise and archive photos on my computers. (July, 2014)

62. Google search my name and remove anything unwanted.

63. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists on Gmail. (July, 2014)

Family & Friends {5/11}

64. Send each of my family & friends a postcard from America. (July-December, 2014)

65. Send awesome birthday gifts to my family & friends from America. (Felicity – Sept 2014, Erin -Oct 2014, Amy – Dec, 2014)

66. Have mum meet me in NYC. (It was the best time ever! December, 2014)

67. Spend Christmas with mum in NYC. (December, 2014)

68. Visit Belinda in Dubai.

69. Give a bunch of flowers to a friend for no particular reason.

70. Go for a walk along the beach at sunrise with someone special. (December, 2015 – It was actually sunset but was with my incredible friend from the other side of the world who I miss.)

71. Bake a cake from scratch for a friend’s birthday.

72. Have a spa day with my sister, Felicity.

73. Visit Marisa in Thailand.

74. Allow myself to take a chance on a relationship.

Travel {20/24}

75. Vlog my travels.

76. Blog about my travels.

77. Book one accommodation stay on AirBnB. (September, 2016 – I’m going back to Chapel Hill in 2017 and I can’t wait!)

78. Ride the cable cars in San Francisco. (August, 2014)

79. Explore Los Angeles. (July/August, 2014)

80. Go to a live television show taping while in LA. (Oct/Nov, 2015 – I was lucky enough to go to seven live tapings of the X Factor Australia, it was in Sydney not LA but I’m going to count it anyway!)

81. Go to Disneyland. (August, 2014 – so much fun!)

82. Party in Las Vegas. (July, 2014 – An incredibly fun couple of nights!)

83. Explore the Grand Canyon. (August, 2014 – Mindblowing!)

84. Stand/swim in the Atlantic Ocean. (November, 2014 – It was so cold…)

85. Visit Sephora & Bath and Body Works in the USA. (July/August, 2014)

86. Visit Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s in the USA. (August, 2014)

87. Carve a pumpkin and dress up for Halloween in America. (October, 2014 – Best Night!)

88. Have High Tea in London. (July, 2015 – A night out before seeing The Lion King)

89. Spend Thanksgiving with a new American friend. (November, 2014)

90. Complete my NYC Bucket List. (December, 2014)

91. Lay on a beach in Santa Monica. (August, 2014)

92. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (July 2014 – On a bike no less!)

93. Ride a segway in another state/country.

94. Go shopping at Harrods in London. (July, 2015 – #HarrodsMoments)

95. Explore Oxford University. (July 2015 – You can read about it here, here and here!)

96. Take a photo at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross. (July, 2015 – Can I go to Hogwarts now?)

97. See the changing of the guards at Buckingham Place. (July, 2015)

98.Take a short holiday to somewhere in Australia I haven’t been.


99. Reply to every comment I get on my blog from now until the 19th October 2016.

100. Give $5 to charity for every task on this list I don’t complete by 19th October 2016.

101. Inspire someone else to make a list of his or her own. (Amy O. – January 2014)


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