New Beginnings

Welcome to my very FIRST post on my new blog “Adventures of a Twenty-Something Girl”!

I’m unbelievably excited to take this journey, not only myself as I embark upon this new stage of my life but also with you, if you would like to join me and share on this journey also (and I hope you do!).

Turning twenty (in exactly 12 days, yay!) is going to be a new phase in my life. For the last few months I have felt that the eventual removal of โ€œteenโ€ from my age was going to be scary, something I was completely unprepared for, I mean I still feel so young and childlike in some ways. But then I think about all of my goals, my ambitions for life as well as a lot of things I have already managed to accomplish in the first twenty years and all evidence suggests that I am much more prepared for this first stage of adulthood then I let myself believe.

This is why I have decided to document it. The blog will act as a journal through which I will be able to share my adventures, to reflect and reminisce, encourage myself to keep going through tough times and celebrate this great journey Iโ€™m taking.

In addition, this blog will give me a chance to practice and develop my writing skills, my photography skills and act as a creative hub through which to express anything my heart (or head) desires.

I hope you choose to join me on this journey; lets navigate our way through life, study and travel together shall we?


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