The Winter Intern

I’m almost half way through my second year studying Communication and Media studies at the moment, majoring in International Media and I love my degree! I find it extremely interesting and I’m learning new things each and every lesson. However…

Unlike university degrees that give you recognised qualifications, such as ‘education’ where you graduate as a teacher or ‘finance’ where you graduate as an accountant or even ‘journalism’ where (you guessed it) you graduate as a journalist. When I graduate from university, I will have a degree but not determined career path.

On one hand, I quite like this! The possibilities are endless and I’m discovering new interests that compliment/broaden my studies all the time. On the other hand, I find this very scary! What happens if I can’t make my mind up by the time I desperately need a job? What happens if the path I choose is completely different to what I expected? Are just some of the things running through my head.

My positive step forward in this circle of uncertainty? AN INTERNSHIP!

Therefore, I’m very excited to announce that (a month of applications and rejections*) I am going to be interning for a Fashion PR company in Sydney over the next month or so during my winter break from university.

So far I have spent two days in the city interning and here are some photos via Instagram and my iPhone of my adventures so far. The 6am train, the fashion, the food. So far, so good!

Also, check in soon for a new blog post on some of the things I’ve learnt so far about working in Fashion PR!

IMG_0866 IMG_0844 IMG_0848 IMG_0884 IMG_0869 IMG_0895 IMG_0896

*keeping perspective; nothing happens over night!

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