End of Semester Stress!

Wow, what a week it has been!

With every university semester comes an end of semester panic. Trying to balance four due dates for major assignments, whilst studying for exams and still trying to maintain some normality and balance in your life. For any student who’s been here, you will understand the stress and pressure these finals weeks present.

As I am currently in the midst of this end of semester panic myself, I’ve been reflecting on ways I can alleviate some of the stress. Testing a few different tactics I have decided to share with you a few tips that are helping me get through the intense ending of the university semester.

No. 1

Set achievable goals and deadlines: In the lead up to an assignment due date or exam it is important to take small steps. This helps in preventing that overwhelmed feeling that can stop you from doing anything at all (this happens to me a lot!). For example, when writing an essay, set small goals with specific deadlines that are spread out with lots of breaks.


Monday (am) –  Finish collating research materials/articles/books etc.

Monday (pm) – Plan/draft essay in dot points.

Wednesday (am) – Write essay introduction (300 words)

Thursday (am) – Write another 500 words

and so on…

No. 2

Schedule social activities: I find it really helpful during this end of semester period to schedule my social activities ahead of time, then plan my study time around these events. The reason I do this is to give myself something to look forward to and makes me feeling like I am not completely isolating myself from the outside world. These planned activities also act as a deadline. For example, “I must have 700 words of my essay done before Erin’s party on Friday.”

No. 3

WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING: It’s the best piece of advice I can give you for dealing with stress is to write everything down (even if its just on Post-It’s you stick on your desk/fridge/door). Write down your study plan and deadlines, write down your social schedule, your groceries, your ‘To-Do’s’, write down ANYTHING you need to remember. I personally believe that half of all stress is caused by trying to remember things. If you write it down, you no longer have to and you will have a sense of clarity when it comes to concentrating on a task. It also gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you tick off that you have completed something.

So I will be relying on these tactics to get me through my final week of study and stress!

Are these tips going to help you also?

What are your tactics when dealing with the end of semester stress?

Let me know!

Christiarne xx


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