In’s and Out’s: Let’s start again!

Long time, no blog…

I’m not going to even try to figure out why I started this blog and completely stopped posting, I have no excuse. But I’m back, so why don’t I just dive straight in?!

I recently started reading Elle Fowler’s blog i heart you coffee (which I am absolutely loving!) and she regularly does posts called “In’s and Out’s”. Elle writes about things that are going well in her life, things she is loving or excited about (in’s) and she also writes about those things that are just not happening or is definitely not liking (out’s).

I’ve been wanting to get back on my blog for a month or so now, but have been struggling to come up with an idea that would give me something to write about regularly. So I thought I would give Elle’s “In and Out’s” a try, so let’s go for it shall we…



Yoga: A friend and I have sent ourselves a new years goal to do one yoga class a week. I’ve done a few yoga classes before but I haven’t stuck with it, mostly because the classes were just that little bit to far away and I was doing it on my own, so skipping out on classes was kind of easy. But I think doing it with a friend is definitely going to help me stay committed. We car pool together, which also gives us a great to chance to chat and catch up. So far we have done two classes and we are really enjoying it!

Savings: For the past year I have been saving money to go on exchange to a university in the United States and it as been hard but also very rewarding! I’m not going to lie, I’m a girl and I like shopping. My newly found obsession with beauty products makes the act of saving tough. But I have manage to persevere and I have reached my goal! I still have plenty of time before I am due to leave for my exchange (five months I think), so I have set myself a new goal to reach, because you can never have too much money when traveling, right? I have also loosened the reins slightly so can still enjoy making the odd purchase, but after a year of serious saving I’m not worried about over spending, I have the phrase “you don’t need it” on replay in my mind.

Sex and the City: Yes, I’m late to catch onto this one but I am only twenty. Having watched random episodes on pay TV for the past few years, I finally started at season one, episode one. I watched the entire show through, including the movies and I have to say I loved it! I’m hanging to watch it again soon and I can’t wait to one day sit on Carrie’s doorstep in New York!


Waiting: I’m getting very impatient waiting for my acceptance letter from the exchange university I applied for. Hopefully, it comes soon (hopefully I actually get accept… awkward if I didn’t). I’m just starting to feel restless because I can’t book anything until that letter comes. But I’m not going to complain anymore, it will happen when it happens.

Bedroom organisation: So I spent nearly an entire week leading up to the new year doing a massive clean out of my bedroom. I was able to get rid of so much clutter and get some real organisation happening. I even made a cleaning schedule to keep on top of it all. But that has definitely fallen on the wayside over the past two weeks. It’s one of those things I find the hardest to keep up with, stuff just accumulates and doesn’t get put away. But this week the plan to get my bedroom back into a somewhat organised manner. Wish me luck!

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