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In’s & Out’s: February


Uni* is back (finally!): I have been a student my entire life so far… I didn’t have a gap year after high school, I went straight into university and I won’t be completing my education for another two and a half years. However, this isn’t a complaint. I’m very proud of the fact that I genuinely enjoy and get a thrill from my classes and from learning new things about the world! Autumn session for my university finally starts next week, after nearly a four month break (Spring session last year ended in mid November). I’m a so keen to switch my brain back on and start being challenged again!

*I know in the United States and other parts of the world students refer to university as college or school, but here in Australia most of us just abbreviate the word university itself and call it “uni”, just incase you were wondering what I’m on about.

International Exchange planning: In my last In’s & Out’s post in the ‘outs’ I mentioned how impatient I was getting waiting to find out if I had been accepted by my chosen exchange university. Don’t get excited, because I haven’t received my acceptance… but I have found out more details about things I have to do in order to help the process along. Thankfully this has given me something to work on and work towards, which has calmed my anxieties about doing nothing and simply waiting dramatically. I have also made the conscious decision to actually go ahead and start doing the travel planning that I had originally been holding off from doing until I had been officially accepted. If I put positive vibes into the universe then my acceptance letter will inevitably arrive… (well thats what I’m telling myself).

Adventures of a Twenty Something Girl: I’m so excited to say that since writing my first In’s & Out’s post just over a month ago I have managed to stay dedicated and have posted at least once a week! To know why this is a big deal you should read my first In’s & Out’s post, but I am very proud of myself! I feel like I have given myself permission to share what I really want to share and not what I think I should be sharing. I even have some ideas lined up for my next couple of posts! Yay!


Males at nightclubs: RANT! (Directly from my Facebook status last night) I go out at night to have fun with my friends, have a dance and enjoy the music, not to get grabbed, groped and felt up by random guys!!!! Im disgusted by the number of males who think it’s okay to touch and grab a girl just because she is dancing at a nightclub! IT’S NOT!! LEAVE ME ALONE! And to all the girls who dress provocatively** and get so drunk they don’t know what’s going on, you look like fools and you’re making life really hard for the rest of our gender! In short, don’t touch me and I won’t yell profanities in your face! I’m lucky I have supportive friends who look after me and make me feel safe. I’m not going to expand on this any further for now. Maybe one day I may look at this from a more analytical perspective and discuss the topic further, but I’m still too disgusted at the present time.

**I did edit slightly, as previous words used would have been rather inappropriate.


Any other ‘out’ following this would seem so minute and insignificant, but I’m not going to dwell. I want to focus on the overwhelming positives February has brought and go into the new month with optimism and motivation to make March another productive and enjoyable month in my life’s journey!

Thank you so much for reading, if you have any thoughts, comments or questions I’d love to here them! And I hope you’re having a wonderful day! xx

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