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UNC Chapel Hill… I’m Coming For You!

I’m so excited to finally announce some amazing, incredible, exciting news on my blog, actually the whole reason why I created my blog to begin with…

I have been accepted into the International Exchange Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!!

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This Aussie is headed to the States dressed in Carolina Blue!

This feels like it has been a long time coming in deciding if and when I would to go on exchange and an even longer process of applying and waiting, and waiting, and waiting… but it is finally official and I will be North Carolina bound in just over five months. While waiting for the all important decision to be reached by UNC, I found this bucket list created by The Daily Tar Heel which lists 100 things every Tar Heel should complete during their time at UNC.  There is also a group of UNC students documenting their journey through this bucket list on YouTube with a series called Project Bucket, which I am loving! I have tweaked The Daily Tar Heel’s list slightly to suit the one semester time frame that I’m going to be attending for and have created my very own UNC Bucket List with all of the things I want to do to really ensure I make the most of my time on exchange. So without further ado, I give you the International Exchange Student’s Bucket List for UNC Chapel Hill!

  1. Ride a full circle of the P2P route ✓
  2. Play in the fountain at Bynum Circle
  3. Explore Wilson Library’s Rare Book Collection
  4. Get frozen yogurt at Yogurt Pump ✓
  5. Have your picture taken with Rameses ✓
  6. Drink from the Old Well on the first day of classes ✓
  7. Eat a cheddar-chicken biscuit at Time Out after 2 a.m. ✓
  8. Celebrate Halloween on Franklin Street ✓
  9. Eat lunch at the counter of Sutton’s Drug Store ✓
  10. Go stargazing in Kenan Stadium
  11. Sunbathe on Polk Place ✓
  12. Eat breakfast at Ye Olde Waffle Shop ✓
  13. Go dancing at Fitzgerald’s ✓
  14. Tweet at a UNC varsity athlete
  15. Play four-square in the Pit
  16. Get ice cream at Maple View Farms in Carrboro ✓
  17. Visit the Duke Botanical Gardens
  18. See a star show at the Morehead Planetarium ✓
  19. Make a gingerbread house in the Great Hall during Finals Week ✓
  20. Drink an extra-large coffee at the Daily Grind ✓
  21. Find and eat at the taco truck in Carrboro ✓
  22. Run the stairs at Kenan Stadium
  23. Watch the sun set from the 8th floor of Davis Library ✓
  24. Run or walk a 5k on campus for charity ✓
  25. Walk across the Morehead Planetarium sundial on your way to Franklin Street ✓
  26. Attend at least one game for every UNC sports team playing in Fall ✓
  27. Attend a Zumba class at the SRC or Rams Head ✓
  28. Trip on a brick in the Pit ✓
  29. See a movie hosted by CUAB at the Union ✓
  30. Play volleyball at a sand court ✓
  31. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween ✓
  32. Sit on the Davie Poplar bench — with someone else ✓
  33. Climb the Bell Tower ✓
  34. Eat a deep-fried candy bar at the State Fair ✓
  35. “Borrow” cutlery and dishes from Lenoir ✓
  36. Get a blue cup from He’s Not Here ✓
  37. Sing “Hark the Sound” and link arms with a stranger at a sporting event ✓
  38. Watch a basketball game from the risers at the Dean Dome ✓
  39. See a movie at the Varsity Theatre ✓
  40. Go to a Clef Hangers concert ✓
  41. Go to Duke’s campus wearing a UNC shirt ✓
  42. See (or participate) in the library streaking during finals ✓
  43. Eat traditional Southern food at Mama Dips ✓
  44. Buy flowers from the ladies on Franklin Street
  45. Visit the basketball museum at the Dean Dome
  46. Feed a squirrel on campus ✓
  47. Participate in a football tailgate ✓
  48. Memorise the words to James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” ✓
  49. Go to a Clef Hangers concert ✓
  50. Eat cheese fries at Linda’s on Franklin Streets ✓
  51. Go to a fraternity party ✓
  52. Visit a professor during office hours ✓
  53. Peruse the ties for sale at Julian’s on Franklin ✓
  54. Head to the drive-through window at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen and order a biscuit ✓
  55. Take a walk across campus early in the morning before anyone else is awake ✓

* This list is subject to change at anytime, based on new activities that may arise **UPDATED: 10th Dec 2014

The Old Well at UNC, Chapel Hill - Photo by Alan Simmons
The Old Well at UNC, Chapel Hill – Photo by Alan Simmons

The goal is to also write a blog post to accompany each of the items on this list as I complete them with photos and memories. So wish me luck in this undertaking! I am unbelievably excited to be travelling to the other side of the world to study at an amazing university and experience a whole new culture and way of life. I am also so grateful to all of the people in my life who are helping me make this dream come true!

Is there anything I should add to this list? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to here from you!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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