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The Road to UNC Chapel Hill | 104 Days

So far, so good on the international exchange planning front. I’ve had a lot of things to get my head around and even more to do! But things have all being going well and my excitement is growing by the day!

After receiving my official acceptance from UNC Chapel Hill, the first thing I could not wait to do was book my flights! The travel agent whom I’ve been working with from STA Travel at my university campus is absolutely lovely, she has been so helpful and she was able to find me an amazing price for a return flight ticket from Sydney to Los Angeles, which was so perfect I booked and paid for it on the spot.

We also worked out a fantastic itinerary for my pre-exchange travel around the west coast of America, which I am way too excited about! First stop LA, then a 14 day Contiki ‘Wild Western’ tour hitting San Diego, Pheonix, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Bass Lake, Yosemite, San Francisco, finishing back in LA. After that will be my first experience in hostel dorm accommodation in LA, then down to Anaheim to immerse myself in all things DISNEY!

There’s so much excitement and fun jam-packed into these fews weeks before I head to North Carolina, but getting settled into my new home for four months will be amazing!

Speaking of North Carolina… there has been so much to do, plan, apply for and prepare, but honestly, I’m loving every minute of it because its all apart of the journey and I want to take it all in. To kick it all off were class enrolments, and thanks to the 14 hour time difference between North Carolina and Wollongong, I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 4.30am to prepare for my 5am enrolment time (and yes, I gave myself half an hour with three different alarms, because I don’t trust myself that early in the morning). It was completely worth it though, because I got all of the subjects I wanted and a great timetable! If you’re interested, I’m going to be taking:

  • American History to 1865
  • American History since 1865
  • Introduction to Government in the United States
  • State Government in the United States
  • International Relations and World Politics

(Side note: I’m an International Media and Politics major, hence all the scary looking subjects)

Next was the housing application. Hopefully I’ll be living on campus for my semester at UNC Chapel Hill and most importantly having the quintessential ‘American college experience’. My preferences are in, so now I just have to wait until I find out where I’ve been placed and who my roommate is!

Just to add to the list of ‘to do’s’, is the medical and immunisation history form to complete. Thankfully my mum is so organised and had my baby book with all of my medical history on hand otherwise life would have been pretty difficult. So a tip to any new or prospective parents out there, keep records, because your kids will need them if they want to go on exchange to an American university (and probably for other things too)!

So far, I’ve checked quite a few of the essential planning steps off my list. But what’s next? Well there’s my visa application, planning my post-exchange travel with my mum who is coming to meet me in NYC (more on this later), working to save more money, oh and studying so I pass all my current subjects at university which is kind of necessary.

I’m going to blogging (possibly vlogging?) my journey and my experiences leading up to and while I’m on my exchange in the US of A. So follow along if you are interested to see more!

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear from you x

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