Week Four | The Sleep Experiment

This week began with an injured shoulder and neck which threw a spanner in the works for my regular exercise routine, and overall it turned out to be a really crappy week and a fairly consistent low mood. However, out of this I gained a great deal of insight into how I have been feeling over the previous three weeks and what activity may actually be having a greater contribution to my happiness. But more on this in my reflection, here’s the overview for week four…

Monday 7/4/14

AM: Woke up 7.30am | Out of bed around 8am

PM: Yoga 6.30pm-7.30pm | In bed at 10.30pm | Asleep by 10.45pm

Tuesday 8/4/14

AM: Woke up between 7am-7.30am |

PM: Massage 1.30pm-2.30pm | In bed (finished uni work) 11.30pm | Asleep by midnight

Wednesday 9/4/14

AM: Woke up 7.30am

No gym session because of my shoulder and neck

PM: Work 6.30pm-9.30pm | Home by 10pm | In bed by 10.45pm | Asleep around 11.30pm

Thursday 10/4/14

AM: Woke up 9.30am | Got out of bed around 10am

PM: Work 6.30pm-9.30pm | Home around 9.45pm

Friday 11/4/14

AM: Woke up 5.45am | 6.30am Gym session

PM: Night out with friends | Got home 10.30pm | Asleep before midnight

Saturday 12/4/14

AM: Woke up around 9am

PM: Work 6.30-10.30pm | In bed around 11.30pm | Asleep after midnight

Sunday 13/4/14

AM: Woke up 9am | Out of bed around 10.30am

PM: Work 12noon-4pm | Asleep after midnight

Terrible night of procrastination and went to sleep ridiculously late


Since the beginning of this experiment, this week has been the week with the least amount of exercise. I missed two of my morning gym sessions and overall it felt like an extremely lazy week, it didn’t help that I was in a great deal of pain from my shoulder/neck injury. I also lacked motivation in quite a few other aspects of my life including getting uni work done, making healthy food choices and staying organised and on top of my ‘to do’s’.  Now, I was expecting this set back to occur eventually, however the insight I gained from this week was something I was not expecting.

Going into this experiment, the hypothesis was that improving my sleeping patterns and getting a better quality of sleep would improve my wellbeing and increase my happiness. I can say for certain that while I’ve still had quite a few late nights, I am managing to fall asleep faster, which is something I have previously struggled with, I am feeling far more rested the next morning, and am not dragging myself out of bed at ridiculously late hours of the morning (with the exception of my ‘injured’ days this week). However, it is exercise that as been the dividing factor of this week. My low mood and lack of motivation correlated with a decrease in exercise, while still maintaining most of the sleep progress I have made. This has really got me thinking…

I originally incorporated the morning exercise to have a reason to force myself out of bed earlier and hopefully be tired at the end of the day when I was ready to try and fall asleep. This week has in fact shown me that the exercise is not only helping me sleep but having a significant impact on my happiness levels in itself. I’m going to have to do some research into both sleep and exercise and its impact on wellbeing before I go ahead to write my final reflection at the end of week five.

Stay tuned for my final reflection on the Sleep Experiment at the end of week five!

In the meantime, thank you for reading along and I hope you are having a wonderful day x


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