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The Road to UNC Chapel Hill | 44 Days

Only 44 days left!

In 44 days I will be embarking on my most exciting adventure to date… my student exchange to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States.

Now that the pressure and stress of finishing up my semester at uni has finally passed, I feel as though I can truly begin to get excited about leaving Australia and starting my adventure abroad. Not that I wasn’t already excited, but wading through final assignments and exams, as well as working crazy hours kind of puts a damper on things.


This has been me for the past 4 weeks, but thats okay because its all over now!

It’s been around 2 months since my last preparation update, however despite being busy I have managed to continuing making progress on my to-do list and a lot of things have been planned, booked, finalised etc. in that time so here is the run down:

✔ Student visa approved (and what a story to go along with it…)

✔ Flights booked

✔ Pre exchange travel booked – see my previous post for the excitement happening here

✔ Enrolled in UNC Chapel Hill classes for the semester

✔ Assigned on-campus housing and roommate – the Aussie and the Brit unite!

✔ Health checks and immunisations done

✔ Post exchange travel planned

✔ NYC accommodation booked (Christmas and New Years in NYC!!! What?! Yes!!! Too excited)

✔ Attended the final pre-departure meeting at my university

– All that is left to be done is booking the final leg of my trip with my mum!

To top off what is going to be an incredible adventure, my Mum is going to be meeting me after my exchange in New York City for Christmas and New Years 2014 and I am beyond excited! I have been dreaming about Christmas in New York for such a long time, its unbelievable to think that I will be there this year with mum! On new years day mum and I are then flying to Hawaii to spending a week cruising around the islands, soaking up some sun and relaxing before we take off on the final long haul flight home to Australia.

I guess all thats left to do now is continuing to save money and save and save and save some more as well as starting to prepare all the ‘stuff’ I’m going to be needing to take with me. I have no idea where to begin…?

I guess I should start by making a good old list!


Stay tuned as I begin to share my preparations for my trip. I would love to do some packing and preparing blog posts that are specific to going on exchange/studying abroad as I’ve noticed not all that much is available on the internet for this particular type of trip.

If you’re reading and would like to see these, let me know!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day and thank you for reading! x



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