Is it time to pack yet?! The Road to UNC Chapel Hill | 27 Days

Only 27 days to go until I set foot on a plane headed straight for LAX! When get off the plane I guarantee I will be singing Miley Cryus, Party In The USA. *Cue music … “Hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan…”

It feels so surreal now that I’m into the ‘less than a month’ countdown, I feel prepared… but I don’t know how long that will last?

I’m so excited to get packing! To the point that my current favourite pass time is searching for YouTube videos and blog posts with packing tips and ‘what’s in my luggage’ looks. Who am I kidding? I’ve actually been doing this for over a year, but now its finally time to get serious!

I wanted to put together a list of my favourite travel and packing tips and tricks from other bloggers and vloggers, for both myself and for others to use. I am a loyal viewer/reader off all of these amazing people, so I hope you get as much from them as I do.

 Organized Jen 

Oh how I love everything this lady does! Jen shares amazing organising tips and strategies for everything you could possibly think of, not just travel. However, her travel video’s are so informative and practical. This In-Flight Essentials video is one of my favourites.

Sonia’s Travels

I was so excited when I found Sonia’s channel, it is the perfect guide to travel! From city guides, to packing tips, product reviews and essential ‘need to know’ tips for travelling. I was even more excited when she posted this video recently, because I have searched high and low looking for a packing guide specific to studying abroad and I could not find anything. That was until this video popped up on my subscriptions feed and now I present it to you… you’re welcome!


Some of you probably know of Fleur from FleurdeForce, she is a extremely well known British beauty guru and I’m a big fan. Despite the fact that I’m devastated about missing out on Vidcon in LA by 27 days, I really enjoyed Fleur’s packing for Vidcon video. I love the process she goes through and got some really great ideas.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna is such a beautiful person. I love everything this British beauty guru creates, because you can really see how much thought and effort she puts into every video and post. This particular video is no exception. In fact, its actually apart of a series, The VDM Guide to Holiday Beauty Packing. I know that by following this guide I will not forget a single toiletry or beauty essential and you won’t either!

Fun For Louis

Now technically, this has nothing to do with packing but everything to do with travel and ‘living the adventure’. Louis is a daily vlogger on YouTube who spends most of his days exploring the world and sharing the adventure with his viewers. His life experiences and sense of adventure is truly inspiring. I love watching his videos and I cannot wait to live my own adventure very soon!

Hope you find these resources as helpful as I did!


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