Turning Twenty One | A Night In New York

In early June I celebrated my 21st birthday! And we decided to celebrate in style, spending a night in New York City…

Not literally, I live in Australia and that would be an extremely long and expensive flight for one night. However, in light of my upcoming travels to America, my family helped me plan a New York themed 21st birthday celebration and what an incredible night it was!

I was going for a very sophisticated and elegant side of New York, something you would expect when walking into a Upper East Side cocktail bar. Think Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. My event planner, aka my incredible sister, did an amazing job putting together the event, decorating the room and creating the most delicious sweets table you’ve ever seen. It was certainly a night to remember.

My dress for the night has its own little side story… I had decided quite a while ago that for my twenty first I wanted to wear a beautiful Audrey Hepburn inspired dress (apart of my 101 in 1001 list) and I ordered what I thought would be the perfect dress online. In typical online shopping fashion, the dress arrived two days before my party and didn’t fit. Unable to make any adjustments to the dress, mum and I had an impromptu Thursday night shopping trip searching last minute for something to wear to my party. Fortunately we found a stunning little black dress at Forever New and quietly, I think I like it better than my original dress.

There were smiles, laughter, dancing and lots of emotional tears as the night went on. One of the highlights was receiving my birthday surprise from beautiful friend Marina! She designed and created the stunning banner for Adventures of a Twenty Something Girl that you can see above, it is the most astounding gift, something I could never have dreamed of, let alone create myself. I am so grateful to have her gorgeous artwork proudly displayed on my blog for everyone to admire, because I certainly do.

These wonderful photos were captured on the night by my beautiful friend Ashleigh who owns Eternity Images.













3A1A5155Seeing my new blog banner for the first time! As you can see I was so shocked and in absolutely awe.



3A1A5200It was a very emotional night… I cried, a lot!


3A1A5208 copy


6 thoughts on “Turning Twenty One | A Night In New York

  1. Hello Gorgeous, am totally loving your blog, your experiences and your stories, and soooo proud of you. I’m replying on your birthday story because I felt blessed to be a part of it. It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken or seen each other due to our business, which doesn’t leave me much of a social life, but want you to know you are an inspiration. Much love to you Christiarne xo

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