Las Vegas | America 2014

We crushed Vegas! What a weekend!

Driving to Vegas there was a completely different vibe on our bus, the excitement was overwhelming and watching The Hangover on the way there…. Well it just made us even more excited.

My first impression of Vegas was “Oh my god, its so hot!”, we arrived in 40+ degree heat and it was made worse going in and out of air conditioned Casino’s. We stayed at the Harrah’s hotel on the strip, which was fantastic (Contiki, you did well!), after a little exploring where we realised that in Vegas you can smoke inside Casino’s and you can drink alcohol outside on the streets… we got ready for our first night out.

Everyone was dressed up to the nine’s, the pre-drinking had already begun and you could tell things were going to get crazy! Our night started with photos at the “Welcome to Vegas” sign, followed by a city tour (the history of Vegas from workers on the Hoover Damn to gangsters and mobsters to what it is today is really interesting!), then a family style Italian dinner at Buca di Beppo.


Following dinner our tour guide Tony shared a story about the time he got drunk and married in Vegas suggesting that we go to the Chapel where it happened to see his picture on the wall. Instead we walked into the Chapel and were greeted by Elvis himself! I thought we were just being treated to a couple of songs, but to everyone’s surprise two people apart of our tour (who are engaged) were invited up and Elvis married them!! It wasn’t ‘official’ (I don’t think…) but it was so awesome! I didn’t think I would ever in my lifetime see a Vegas wedding but now I can say I have and it was one of the best things I have been apart of! Our Vegas wedding experience left everyone on a high and back on the bus the partying continued, music pumping, people dancing in their seats and in the aisle.


Our first stop of the night was Fremont Street, unable to go straight into the street as it was closed for an event, we detoured through a casino and went through to Fremont Street were the lights were blinding, the sky covered by an LED screen playing all sorts of things and the drinks were CHEAP! Inside one of the casino’s we got vodka and sprite’s (not lemonade… that’s a completely different thing in American and its… not that great haha) for $4 each and I’m pretty sure it was just vodka. No such thing as measuring out shots here, free pouring is the way its done and the drinks are strong!


After Fremont Street we were taken to the Luxor, which is the casino on the strip shaped like a pyramid! We got free entry into the LAX nightclub and ladies got free drinks until midnight! All I have to say is my first night in Vegas was epic! It was messy, crazy and so much fun! And as they say… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas so I’m going to leave it at that 😉


As you can imagine, the next morning in Vegas felt just as it should…. Hung over, tired, sore with blisters all over my feet, but it was totally worth it! After attempting the eat breakfast, a couple of girls and I walked down the strip looking at the hotels and casino’s and we spent the afternoon shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. Shopping when tired is extremely difficult but we were successful nonetheless and finished the afternoon with a late lunch at an awesome burger restaurant inside the Harrah’s casino. My All American burger was amazing and definitely helped me over the afternoon hangover sluggishness.

Night two in Vegas was just a big and just as fun as the first, just slightly less alcohol for myself. We started by walking the other direction down the strip to the Aria. Here we saw Cirque du Solei Zakahana and all I can say is WOW! The talent, skill and strength of all the performers was unbelievable, I would definitely see it again.


After the show, we headed down to a bar inside the Aria and had pizzas for dinner. Just a side note for all the Aussie’s out there… so you know how it’s a legal requirement for bars to have free water available to everyone, well that’s definitely not the case in Vegas and I refused to pay $7 for a bottle of water!

After dinner, we were met downstairs by five stretch limos all stocked with champagne! And what a fun ride that was! A group of drunk girls in a small space with bubbly alcohol, that’s always going to be fun!


The limo’s dropped us off at the Palm’s Casino where we jumped the queue and got into the Ghostbar. This nightclub was definitely my favourite, as the club and its outside balcony overlooked the glittering Las Vegas skyline, the music was amazing and the girls once again got a free drink! Although I didn’t drink very much the second night, the night was just a crazy and big as the night before if not bigger! We danced, talked, took so many photos and just had an amazing night!


The end of the night was a bit sad though as quite a few people on the Contiki tour were leaving us in Vegas, so we had to say goodbye. I’m so grateful to have met and had fun with so many wonderful people and I’m sure I will be catching up with a lot of them very soon.

Waking up to get on the Contiki bus only two and a half hours after going to bed was tough, but definitely worth it for the amazing weekend we had in Vegas. Two nights was definitely not enough time in Vegas, when I go back I want to have a lot more daytime available to explore all the different casino’s and see everything I missed this time. As well as have some more crazy nights out!

#noregrets for my Vegas experience! I will definitely remember those nights forever!

Up next is a quiet couple of days in Bass Lake and visiting Yosemite National Park!


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