Bass Lake & Yosemite National Park | America 2014

Bass Lake and Yosemite were nice quiet stops along the tour, where some much-needed rest was had. We arrived on Sunday evening after a very, very long day of driving from Vegas.

We had my favourite for dinner, PIZZA! And all hung out together watching the beautiful colourful sunset over Bass Lake. It was a very early night for me that night as we had a big day ahead at Yosemite.


The next morning we headed to Yosemite National Park, which was a two-hour drive from The Pines Resort where we were staying in Bass Lake. I now understand what people mean when they say Yosemite is the most beautiful place they have ever seen, because it is true! It’s nature at its absolute best.


We hiked one of the smaller and easier tracks that day, to Vernal falls. The views and the squirrels along the hike made our day. The National Park also has a small museum and art gallery along with shops and food outlets so we were definitely taken care of for the rest of the day, particularly me… nursing my sore feet (L).

One day when I am a lot fitter and don’t have sore feet from partying in Vegas, I want to tackle one of the bigger hikes and make it to the top of the falls. From the photos I have seen it looks like a beautiful view, definitely worth going back for.

Back at Bass Lake, we had a group dinner and t-shirt signing party down by the lake, watching the gorgeous sunset. It was a great idea being able to write messages to all of the people I had met and had been hanging out with for the last week and a bit.


There isn’t too much to recount, as it was a very quiet and relaxing couple of days. But overall, it was a great visit to Bass Lake & Yosemite.

Next stop on the itinerary was San Francisco, so stay tuned for the book I have written!


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