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Yogurt Pump | UNC Bucket List #4

Well it’s time to start sharing some of the things I have checked off my UNC Bucket List so far!

I have actually done quite a few to my surprise (12 already!), but I still have a lot to go as well. There have been some minor adjustments to the list items due to it being impossible to do some of them in the time I have here. However, the best part about having this list, especially taped up on the wall by my desk, its that so many of my new friends here in Chapel Hill want to do the things on this list with me! I love it when my hall mates visit Anna and my room to chat and hang out and they take a look at the list and say they want to do this or that with me. It’s so exciting to share adventures with wonderful new friends! IMG_5060

I haven’t been working through this list in order, so I will be beginning today with item no. 4:

Get frozen yoghurt from Yogurt Pump or as it’s referred to by the locals “YoPo”.

Forget your chain stores like PinkBerry or Yoghurtland… YoPo is a true Franklin Street staple, and has been serving Chapel Hill since 1982. After the first Carolina football game of the season, when everyone heads up to Franklin St. for food, the line at YoPo was so long it was about to spill out onto the road, I’ve seen students, kids, families of six people in YoPo. Clearly this place is well loved by the Tar Heel community and for good reason! screen-shot-2013-06-19-at-10-30-00-pm

Yogurt Pump on Franklin Street

They have unique flavours that are always changing and have new combinations to try, think San Francisco’s Ghirardelli chocolate, pumpkin pie, and not just coffee flavor, but mocha java. Or Oreo Cookie, Vanilla Bean, red velvet cake, tart berry flavors, there’s always something interesting to try. And its so affordable! A medium cup with two flavours and three mix-in’s (Kit Kat’s, M&M’s and cheesecake bites are my pick) for only $2.90!! It doesn’t get much better than that. I have been to YoPo on multiple occasions already and I’m sure I’ll be back a few more times before the semester is out. Yogurt Pump Toppings

So many options!


My pumpkin pie and vanilla bean swirl! Yum!

IMG_4887  YoPo study break with some of my wonderful hall mates

Yogurt Pump is on every list of ‘Things To Do’ in Chapel Hill and it’s certainly at the top of mine too!

More bucket list items coming up soon so stay tuned!

Thanks for checking out my blog x


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