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The Little Things | Living at UNC Chapel Hill

This afternoon I had a stream of consciousness while writing in my journal. I wanted to spend some time reflecting on my time here in Chapel Hill so far and record all of the little things that I love and truly appreciate. Following my stream of consciousness I noticed that my list had a theme that strongly pertained to living on UNC’s campus, even more specifically, living in a hall style dorm. I’ve decided to share some of these little things that have made living on campus such a wonderful experience so far. It’s all about the little things…


Image by one of my favourite blogs: York Avenue

1. Walking through campus every single day, seeing leaves falling, hearing acorns crunch under my feet, watching squirrels running up and down tree trunks, admiring the beautiful old buildings and thinking about the thousands and thousands of students that were here before me who have done/are doing incredible things in the world.

2. Cute coffee shops (like the one I’m sitting in now) with unique character and cosy chairs, filled with students all studying and chatting.

3. Randomly having a conversation in an elevator with someone about Starbucks and becoming fast friends over dining hall conversations!

4. Starting conversations with hall mates, which eventually includes more and more people as they come out of their rooms. Ending with us all sitting on the floor in the middle of the hallway chatting about anything and everything. Sometimes for so long that like last night, ordering pizza was discussed, disregarded, discussed again, ordered, delievered and consumed without really moving from the hallway floor at all.

5. Long walks from Chapel Hill to Carrboro and back, which turns into an adventure, trying not to get lost and really getting to know about people’s lives, their interests and what inspires them.

6. Lovely people who knock on your door sharing food/lollies/chocolate/baked goods that their parents have sent back with them. As people say here at Carolina, “you are the real MVPs!”

7. Stopping by someone’s open door to say hello and asking how their day was, which somehow turns into a 2 hour deep and meaningful conversation about life and the world around us (probably my favourite kind of conversation).

8. When a group of us all end up in the bathroom at 11pm brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, which (you guessed it) turns into more great conversations.

9. Always having someone who is up for a Zumba class, a trip to YoPo, dinner at Lenoir or an Ellen/Jimmy Fallon viewing in the lounge.

10. Having friendly faces constantly surrounding you and friendships with wonderful, kind, caring and giving people who always ask how your day was and remember little things that you may have told them in passing. The ladies of Everett’s first floor make UNC feel like a home away from home, even when I’m feeling a little homesick and I’m so grateful to be living where I am.


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