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Halloween in America | UNC Bucket List

Forgive me for posting this extremely late! I’ve had more essays to write over the past few weeks than I even want to think about. But I’ve got some downtime at the moment, combined with rare motivation to do something other than watch Netflix (the addiction is real), so its time to catch up on the blogs posts I’ve been meaning to write! Starting with one of the most American of all American experiences… Halloween!

The halloween tradition in Chapel Hill takes place on Franklin Street and happens to be number eight on my UNC Bucket List! Check!

I and 32,000 other people gathered on Franklin to wander around, admire people’s amazing costumes, take photos with random people, and try to not get lost in the crowd… which I did! And then couldn’t find my friends for about 15 minutes because none of my text messages would go through. You know how at midnight on New Years Eve the phone radio waves (forgive my lack of technical jargon) get jammed and slow down because everyone is texting everyone they know with the same message, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Well, put 32,000 technology reliant college students all on one street and the exact same things happens!

And it’s not just Carolina students who participate in the festivities but students from other parts of the Triangle including North Carolina State and Duke University who travel to Chapel Hill, because we are just that awesome!

Special thanks goes out all of the hard working people of the Chapel Hill Police Department who ensured that it was a safe night for everyone who attended. Also to the alcohol that helped keep me warm while walking along Franklin Street in a skirt and top in the 5 degree weather, couldn’t have done it without you!

I don’t have the most amazing photos from the night but the costumes some people came up with are definitely worth sharing! It was an amazing night and the perfect way to celebrate Halloween, the American way!


Hi, I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods and we are both Gemini vegetarians. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.


Getting ready to head to Franklin Street.

IMG_5663 When Mary Poppins met…. the other Mary Poppins, who was one of many! Possibly the most popular costume of the night!


I stumbled into Whoville while wandering Franklin Street and met the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!


And then I found Wally! (Or Waldo for you Americans out there)


Gotta love a good play on words!IMG_5695

[No caption needed]

Ted Mosby still wearing his Hanging Chad halloween costume in the hope of finding the slutty pumpkin.


Princess Mia – before and after, and probably my favourite costume of the night!


What a night celebrating halloween in America! An experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad I could be apart of it! Until next time… xx


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