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Food, glorious food! Part Two | UNC Bucket List

Many of the items on my UNC Bucket List include eating food! Lots of different kinds of amazing food located in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area! I officially completed all of the food related items, you can check out part one of the list here and now I give you part two of what I ate while studying abroad!

No. 16: Get ice cream at Maple View Farms in Carrboro

Ice-cream doesn’t get any better than this! I went for the ‘Carolina Crunch’ and Pumpkin Pie combo and soaked up the amazing view while enjoying this homemade treat.

IMG_5730 IMG_5725 IMG_5727

No. 20: Drink an extra-large coffee at the Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is the only coffee shop (and by that I mean ‘real’ coffee, not the filtered kind) in the main part of UNC’s North Campus. I saved this task for the inevitable night I was going to really need the extra caffeine hit and so that night came… late night essay writing in the Davis Library with my extra large iced latte (in late Autumn, I’m weird I know).

However, I didn’t get a photo of it. I was slightly preoccupied consuming it, so you’ll have to take my word for it.


No. 21: Find and eat at the taco truck in Carrboro

So here’s the story… I found an address online for the white taco truck pictured below and headed out to find it. Successful and with a full belly, I started the 2 mile walk back to campus from Carrboro and then I came across the blue taco truck, a reinvented school bus (which is so cool!). This left me wondering which taco truck was ‘the’ taco truck the list was referring too. So I decided to play it safe and eat at the school bus taco truck as well, why not? This taco was definitely better than the first, so I do not regret two dinners! However, I still don’t know which one was ‘the’ taco truck (let me know if you do), but the adventure to find them was exciting in itself, which I believe is the whole point to begin with!

IMG_5433 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5444

No. 34: Eat a deep-fried candy bar at the State Fair

Only in America…. that is all.

P.S. I also ate deep fried Oreos, they were awesome!

IMG_5553 IMG_5555

No. 54: Head to the drive-through window at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen and order a biscuit

This was the last food related item I completed on the list. It was a little harder because you need a car, or a friend with a car which I was lucky enough to have and a lot of time incase the queue is backed out on to the road, which it often is! Tegan, Claire and I headed through and ordered chicken biscuits. It was delicious and will forever remind me of life in the South and the legendary biscuit.


Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen – Image

I hope this post made you just a hungry as I now feel after writing it!

Thanks for reading! xx


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