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The Carolina Way | UNC College Sports

From football and basketball, to soccer, volleyball and hockey, I certainly attended my fair share of sports games during my semester at UNC. Nothing gets you into the Carolina spirit quite like chanting ‘U.N.C. Go Heels Go!’ while wearing your game day shirt in the sea of Carolina Blue.

Game Day Shirt at my first Carolina football game!

The Marching Tar Heels band plays loud and students all around you are standing, trying to spell C.A.R.O.L.I.N.A with their arms and keep in time with the band as the chant gets faster & faster. I like to think I was getting better towards the end of the semester.

Stripe Out Football Game at Kenan Stadium UNC

You hear the football announcer say over the speakers, “First down, Tar…” and the stadium erupts yelling “HEELS!” in response. Cheerleaders are waving their pompoms, flipping and stunting on the field as game is happening (just like the movies!!).

Carolina Cheerleaders
Carolina Cheerleaders

 Beginning of the fourth quarter and the atmosphere is electric! (Or maybe everyone is just excited because the 3 hour game is almost over?)

Late Night with Roy 2014 at the Dean Dome
Late Night with Roy 2014 at the Dean Dome

Carolina Basketball is like nothing I have ever experienced. The love Carolina students and alumni have for the players is unbelievable and you can feel it just sitting the full stadium. Or if you’re lucky enough, from the risers with the loudest, craziest students on campus! My last game of the semester and I got lucky, watching the Carolina players up close was the best possible way to end my semester at UNC!

UNC vs. ECU from the risers in the Dean Dome!
UNC vs. ECU from the risers in the Dean Dome!
Carolina students in the Dean Dome.


When the basketball players line themselves up to shoot and hands of every Tar Heel in the Dean Dome reach to the sky, as if to help the ball make it into the basket safely. Or when one side of the stadium shouts “TAR” and the opposite side responds with an even louder “HEELS”.

All of these little traditions make being a Tar Heel and participating in the college sporting culture that much more thrilling. My personal favourite is linking arms with the people next you (friend or stranger) at the end of the game, swaying side to side while singing the school Alma Mater and fight song! And no matter who we have just played, no matter what the result, it always ends in the same way… telling Duke University where they can go 😉

I love this video that I came across from 2013! It really highlights the excitement and variety of Carolina sports as well as the Carolina competitive spirit because… IMG_4456.2

More Carolina posts coming soon!


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