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The Perfect Place for Productivity…

Being someone who spend large amounts of time in front of a laptop wasting time reading, writing, and researching on my own schedule, I’ve realised the importance of finding a place in which I can really focus and be as productive as possible.


Productivity is all about location, location, location…. well, not really, it’s about my self-control to stay focused, but location does play a role.

The environment around me has a substantial affect on the quality and quantity of work I get done. Whether that be researching and writing university assignments, blog writing, or just my own personal research (that is not just procrastination, because let’s be honest… procrastination is easy no matter where I am).

Over the years I have tried to be productive in a large number of locations, on my university campus and off. I’ve tried libraries, coffee shops, my bedroom, dining halls, gardens, open lawns and under trees. Outdoor spaces however, are the absolute worst for productivity! Fresh air and the sun are just too much of a distraction for me to handle.


While I’ve never found a place where I was able to enter “the zone” and take productivity to the next level, I’ve always managed to still get stuff done.

That was until I found Caribou Coffee in Chapel Hill, North Carolina...

There was something about this coffee shop that took my productivity to another level. The quiet, but not too quiet vibe, the ample number of power outlets, the cosy couches, the free wifi, and delicious coffee.


I wrote close to five different essays while sipping on coffee at Caribou completely focused, surrounded by other students doing exactly the same thing. It was the perfect place for optimal productivity. And weirdly, I miss the place ALOT! But maybe that’s just me missing Chapel Hill in general?

*starts googling flights to North Carolina*

But my time in Chapel Hill had to come to an end. I am home and in search of a replacement for my beloved Caribou.

And guess what? I think I’ve found it!

Alexander’s Cafe

I have been going to this cafe well before my trip to Chapel Hill, however I have recently begun frequenting Alexander’s again since being home and I’m definitely getting the productivity vibe.

The owner is the kindest person you will ever meet and the Chai latte’s are to die for! Oh and a rarity in Australia… there’s free wifi!



I’m looking forward to spending much more time here in the near future and hopefully getting a lot done at the same time!

Do you have a place that you love? Or find perfect for productivity?

Let me know!



P.S. I love a good opportunity for alliteration, I’m rather pleased with the title I came up with for this post 😛

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