Home Decor | Inspiration

I have developed an interest in home decor lately. I have found myself browsing home tours on some of my favourite blogs and scrolling through Pinterest boards endlessly.


I don’t have my own home yet, but it is something I see happening in the somewhat near future (after I graduate and get a ‘grown up job’ of course). I want to create a space that represents who I am and is unique to my personality. The first challenge is figuring out what that is. However, I’m sure I will develop a style over time and as I live in a space.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled some home decor inspiration to look back on when the time comes for me decorate my own place. Now that’s an extremely exciting thought!

All photos and their origins can be found on my Pinterest board! Follow me, Christiarne.







I’ve always wanted to create a travel themed room! With a world map just like this, to track everywhere I have been.


Check out these home tours! I absolutely love these spaces:

Jackie from York Avenue’s NYC apartment


Hallie from Corals + Cognacs’s NYC apartment


Last but not least, Ingrid’s LA apartment is incredible! Watch her tour below.

Hopefully I can look back on this is the future and be inspired!

Thanks for reading! Maybe I’ve inspired you too?


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