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Study Hard, Play Hard | Oxford 2015

Well my second week at Oxford has been just as busy as the first but in more of an academic nature this time. I have two 3000 word essays due in the first half of week three, so this week has been focused on research and writing for those essays and trying to get somewhat of a head start because its Oxford and this probably isn’t the place for last minute writing. Thankfully, everyone around me has been in the same boat so it has been a very productive environment!

Now as an official Bodleian reader (you can read all about my library induction story in my week one recap), I have spent quite a bit of time at the Social Sciences Library. It’s about a ten minute walk from Exeter College to this particular library, which at first was kind of annoying but I have come to appreciate the downtime, to just chat or think and enjoy the fresh air. If I wasn’t at the library, I was drinking tea while I studied at Waterstones Bookstore or out in the Fellows Garden in Exeter College. So many options!

Photo 3

Aside from my classes and studying, I have been able to fit in a few fun Oxford adventures! Early in the week I visited Christchurch College, one of Oxford University’s largest Colleges and the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Oxford. There are a number of students from Christchurch College who have gone on to become very well known figures. Among these are the philosopher John Locke, religious leader William Penn and the writers W.H. Auden (poet) and Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). Apparently Albert Einstein studied at Christchurch briefly in the 1930’s as well. That’s not all Christchurch is famous though. Do you recognise the staircase?

Photo 4


Harry Potter fans will! As this was the staircase used in the filming of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when the first years arrive at Hogwarts before heading into the dining hall. Apparently the dining hall at Christchurch was also used as inspiration for the Hogwarts dining hall and I certainly felt that vibe as a walked through, with the faces of important alumni staring down at me.


Photo 5

The meal of the week was the incredible pizza I had from the Pizza Artisan Food Truck here in Oxford! Yes, a food truck with a woodfire oven built in, I know right?! Having worked in an Italian restaurant for many years and eating my fair share of excellent pizza, this was definitely up there in my top 3 favourites! Parked down by the entrance to Christchurch College, six of us walked down to treat ourselves to dinner. We had to wait about thirty minutes, but it was certainly worth it! I highly recommend it if you ever visit Oxford!

On Thursday afternoon, Monica, Eleanor, Jess and I had tickets to see a play called ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’. You may have heard of it, because the Broadway play won a number of Tony Awards this year. The production is currently touring around the UK and we were lucky enough to see it in Oxford this week. The Curious Incident is definitely the best plays I have ever seen, it was powerful and emotionally intense, it uses the most incredible set and the actors were captivating. If you like going to the theatre, definitely look up this play.

Photo 6

The highlight of this week was definitely Friday night! After a week of classes and study, everyone was ready to let their hair down and have some fun. What’s the best way to do that…? Karaoke! After a lot of Pimm’s at Exeter’s Undercroft Bar, we managed to rally a few of the Aussie’s together to sing a rendition of ‘Land Down Under’! #represent

After the karaoke wrapped up we went out to explore a little bit of Oxford’s nightlife. The majority of our night was spent at The Plush Lounge, a gay nightclub with the cheapest drinks I think I’ve ever seen. Shots for £1.50 anyone?!

Photo 7

We danced to night away at Plush and had so much fun! It’s been amazing getting to know so many wonderful people and hang out with them everyday. It’s going to be so sad to have to say goodbye, but let’s not think about that yet!

A special mention and congratulations to all of the Oxford students who have been graduating over the past few days, especially Joe, one of our awesome Summer School Assistants here at Exeter who now has a Masters in Chemistry!

Photo 8

This weekend we went to Bath, which I absolutely loved! So I’ll be writing a post about that adventure very soon!

Thanks for reading!



All photos by me.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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