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Marching for our Future | People’s Climate March Sydney 2015

There are lots of things happening in our world that deserve our attention and I certainly try my best to be aware of the issues we are facing today, however one issue I am extremely passionate about is stopping climate change.

Climate change is real and is affecting people all over the world already. There is consensus in the scientific community that if our carbon emissions are not reduced soon our planet will not stay below 2 degrees celsius of warming and this means more extinctions of species and loss of ecosystems; increasing vulnerability to storm surges; more heat waves; more intense precipitation; more climate related deaths and disease; more climate refugees; slower poverty reduction; less food security; and more conflicts worsened by these factors.

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These sorts of predictions are confronting, and quite frankly scary, considering that I myself could possibly have another 70-80 years left on this planet, not to mention the lives of my own children and grandchildren that may be brought into this world in the future. I certainly don’t want to leave them to deal with a planet that has irreversible damage caused by our destructive human activities.

That is why on Sunday, 29th November 2015, I marched for our future with 45,000 others at the People’s Climate March in Sydney.

Source: People’s Climate March Australia

Marches took place all over Australia and all over the world this past weekend, calling on our world leaders to take serious actions to combat climate change. Even in Paris where climate marches were cancelled, the Parisian people have ensured their voices were heard in their call for action on climate change.


Over the next two weeks, at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, world leaders will have important discussions and hopefully make progressive agreements that treat climate change as a global issue that needs collective action by all countries. To know more about what this Conference means check out this article in the NY Times.


The People’s Climate March was my first ever rally and it was so inspiring to be amongst so many likeminded people from all walks of life who took the time out of their day to have their voices heard. Indigenous people, frontline communities, scientists, health workers, youth, people from various faiths and cultures, people who are working on the solutions and those who want just transitions to cleaner and fairer jobs are just some of the groups that were represented at these marches. It was an incredible day to be apart of!

Joining the Australian Youth Climate Coalition was also one of the best decisions I could have made to play my part in supporting the climate movement. Working with other passionate young people on campaigns that are creating real change is motivating and encouraging in the face of the scary reality of climate change.

It gives me hope that we will keep fighting for climate justice, that we will invest in alternative fuel sources and be able to make the transition to a 100% renewable future and that we will eventually reverse some of the damage we have done before it is too late. I’m in and will continue to fight for this cause because there is no ‘Planet B’.

I really encourage you to follow your passion whether that be supporting the climate movement or supporting a cause or issue you really care about. As cliche as it may sound we as young people are the future and our voices need to be heard in the conversation discussing that future. So do something to make sure your voice is included!



All photos by me, unless otherwise credited.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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